Korean CUs provide help for members in need and share our profits with communities as well as members. Through social welfare projects as well as regional community development projects such as farmer¡¯s markets and shopping mall business, Korean CUs provide support for our members¡¯ businesses and the regional economy. Meanwhile, Korean CUs also focus efforts on art and cultural projects, environmental conservation, life-long education, scholarship programs and volunteer campaigns to plant seeds of hope for the society are also Credit Unions' primary concerns.

Social Welfares
¤ıDaycare centers, Facilities for senior citizens and disabled people
¤ıFree meals for children from low-income families
¤ıSubsidies for low-income families

Community Development
¤ıCommunity purchase, distribution, storage and funeral businesses
¤ıDirect trade business with rural communities & online shopping mall business (CU Mall)

Cultural Welfares
¤ıProviding housewives¡¯ college, cultural center, social education facilities and programs
¤ıEstablishing and managing physical training facilities such as table tennis courts, fitness centers, etc.
¤ıEstablishing and managing convenience facilities such as wedding parlors, restaurants, public bathes, etc.

Environment Protection
¤ıRecycling campaign
¤ıRecycled tissue and soap business

Scholarship Support
¤ıScholarship Programs for Teenagers
¤ıScholarship Foundations

Lifelong Education
¤ıEducation for housewives and senior citizens
¤ıEconomy education programs for children

Voluntary Works
¤ıVoluntary activity of Credit Union officers and employees
¤ıVoluntary activity for the disabled
¤ıDelivery of Kimchi for senior citizens who live alone
¤ıEvents for senior citizen centers

¡®Love to the whole world¡¯ Campaign
The 16 year campaign is designed to extend a helping hand to neighbors in dire need of financial and emotional support and promote a spirit of love in the community based on volunteer work by Credit Union employees across the nation.

¡á OnNuri Community Service

CU¡¯s OnNuri Community Service is designed to help those in need in our neighborhoods as well as to promote kinder and more loving community spirit.
Each month, CU¡¯s volunteers donate a portion of their proceeds for a family in dire need of financial and emotional support.
These campaigns to raise donations for our neighbors in need provide hope to those in difficult situations.