- Canada YES CAMP for children of Korean CU members

NACUFOK has been working for Canadian camp participation for its membersĄŻ children under the cooperation and support of Korean credit union in Canada named Sharons CU. NACUFOK gives announcement for the participant recruit every spring and the selected camp-goers get a chance to visit Canada for two weeksĄŻ variety of activities.
The YES leadership camp is a summer camp that provides week long leadership retreats for youth from all over British Columbia in Canada. Skills training is offered for 14-17 year-olds in the areas of self-awareness, co-operation, communication, global awareness, environmental sustainability and leadership. Participants take part in the creation of a strong community of support, respect and growth in the summer camp.
Sharons credit union in Canada also supports additional week of activities which include ETS class for Koreans, field visit, Financial literacy education, and meeting with Canadian veterans of Korean War. 6 children were the beneficiaries in 2009.

23rd NACUFOK Exposure Program in 2009

The 23rd NACUFOK Exposure program was held at NACUFOK training center from March 30 to April 4. Fifteen people from 7 countries including Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mongolia and the Philippines attended and joined the lectures on management and supervision systems, electronic financial systems, and studied education and publicity cases of the Credit Union in Korea.
Participants also toured the Kumsan Credit Union and Jochiwon Central Credit Union in Chungcheng Province to refer to management cases applicable to situations in their own countries. NACUFOK invites leaders of Credit Unions from Asian countries annually to transfer development know-how and management methods so we can all grow together. Since 1987, more than 200 participants from Asia were benefited from this educational program.
he countries ever joined NACUFOK Exposure program are Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mongolia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Mauritious, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan(Republic of China), Hong Kong, Russia, and Canada.

Recording profits for eight years

Credit unions across the country recorded an aggregate net profit of KRW 184.7 billions(USD 159 millions) as of the end of 2009 to continue from KRW 89.4, 99.5, 131.7 ,153.6, 122.4, 140.5, 90 billions in 2002 through 2008, respectively, based on its stable profit structure. The aggregate amount of the assets of Credit Unions has increased rapidly to reach 39 trillion won(USD 33.64 billions) by the end of 2009. Asset soundness and profitability have also increased strongly. In 2009, the aggregate asset amount of Credit Unions grew by 28.73%, and net capital ratio by 14.7%.